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We have planned for your transportation to the airport.  The shuttle departure times are shown.


Victoria International Airport does not currently have a U.S. Pre-Clearance Facility. If travelling non-stop to the United States from YYJ, travelers will clear both U.S. Customs and Immigration upon arrival into the U.S. If travel to the United States is via Vancouver or another major Canadian airport, these airports will have U.S. Pre-Clearance facilities.


The Victoria International Airport has a very strict policy regarding liquids and gels packed in carry-on luggage.  Please read the guidelines below and consider whether to carry-on or check your bags.  If you are a carry-on-only passenger with more than one (1) single bag of liquids or gels you will need to either leave the items behind or return to the counter to check your bag to your final destination.


YYJ Policy on Liquids, Non-Solid Food and Personal Items

  • Containers of liquids, non-solid food and personal items in your carry-on must be 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) or less. All containers must fit in one clear, resealable plastic bag no more than 1L in capacity. The bag must be transparent so screening officers can easily see the contents.  Bags are available at the airport, if needed.

  • Each passenger is allowed a single 1 L bag containing liquids, food, and personal items. The approximate dimensions of a 1L bag are 15.24 cm by 22.86 cm (6 in. by 9 in.) or 20 cm by 17.5 cm (8 in. by 7 in.).

  • At the screening point, take your plastic bag out of your carry-on and place it in a bin.

  • Any containers over 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) can be placed in your checked baggage as long as they are not prohibited items. 

  • Avoid packing gifts and souvenirs containing liquids, aerosols, and gels in your carry-on. These include liquor, wine, beer, snow globes, cans of condensed soup, maple syrup, perfume, and lotion. Put them in checked baggage or ship them separately.


Examples of Liquids, Non-solid Food and Personal Items that are Liquids, Aerosols and Gels


  • coffee                                                                           toothpaste

  • soft drinks

  • juice

  • bottled water

  • maple syrup

  • alcohol

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • mouthwash

  • toothpaste

  • perfume

  • cologne

  • liquid soap

  • insect repellent

  • liquid/gel based hand sanitizers

  • creams/lotions

  • hairspray

  • liquid based cosmetics (e.g. mascara, liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner)


  • hairspray

  • body spray

  • static remover

  • sunscreen spray

  • shaving cream

  • aerosol deodorant

  • aerosol cheese strings


  • lipgloss

  • hair styling gel

  • jam

  • jelly

  • pudding

  • yogurt

  • gelatin

  • mashed potatoes

  • peanut butter

  • chocolate spread

  • cheese spread

  • maple spread

  • shaving gel

  • gel-based deodorant

  • gel-based cosmetics (e.g. gel blush, gel lip products)



It’s a 2-minute walk from the Belleville Terminal to the Fairmont Empress.  Diane Hamilton will contact you directly to inquire about whether you’ll need transportation to the Ferry Terminal.

U.S. Customs and Immigration:

  • Once you reach Seattle, you’ll disembark and proceed to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

  • Follow these steps:

    • Claim Your Luggage: Pick up your luggage at baggage claim, regardless of whether you’re staying in Seattle or transferring to another connecting flight.

    • Welcome Portal: On your way to customs, you’ll pass through the Welcome Portal. Restrooms, nursing suites, baggage information systems, and Service Animal Relief Areas are available here.

    • Passport Control: Enter the United States by following signs to passport control. Members of Trusted Traveler Programs (such as Global Entry and NEXUS) will grab their bags before heading to passport control.

    • Processing Time: Plan ahead and allow sufficient time for processing. It can take 60 minutes or longer during peak periods.

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