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Soon we will all be together at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in celebration of all of you that have contributed so much to our success in 2022. It will be a particularly exceptional President’s Club as this year we will welcome Porter for the first time.


We think that you’ll really enjoy the Fairmont Grand Del Mar property- so much to experience and only 20 minutes from the beach. We are hoping that you’ll try out some activities that you have never done before- ocean kayaking, pickleball, how about archery? Take a look at the hotel!


We have included an option for your guest to be included in on all emails. When logging in always use the OWP employee email and chosen log in. It is best to have only one account per couple.


We have arranged a great assortment of activities for all of you to choose from. Try something new and take advantage of the clinics! Note that horseback riding has been put on hold due to the rain damage on property trails. We will let you know if we are able to locate an alternative vendor. As of April 1, we will post the on property activities that are included in our resort fees and do not count towards you two activities. And we will be adding cabana time.


We have included just about everything you’ll need to know to plan for your trip. Please login and check your travel information as soon as possible, or fill in a new form if you're having trouble. You have the option to either fly or drive. We arrange your flights and will provide transportation to and from the San Diego airport. 

Please contact me with any and all questions.


See you in Del Mar,


Liz and Dave Ferrari

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