Hey everybody, get ready!

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to One Workplace President’s Club 2019/20.  This year, we will be hosting our 4 day/ 3 night “Celebration of your Success” at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, a luxurious retreat that has been one of California’s most revered destinations since 1923.  We have confidence that no matter what your interest or activity level is, you and your guest will find it at Ojai.


We have been holding this annual event to celebrate the achievements of our peak performers for 26 years, and in every one of those years we have all come away from the event with fresh ideas and a renewed enthusiasm to keep innovating and growing in our marketplace.


There is a time-honored expression that aptly applies to companies operating in an economic crisis:  “Sales Cures All Ills”.  We are proud of the way our team has pivoted to a new way of engaging with customers and prospects that has kept alive and even deepened relationships with our best clients in the face of empty buildings and uncertain times.  Sales is the engine of every great company, and we are happy to recognize your success.



Liz and Dave Ferrari


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